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Polymer Clay Collectables and Art Jewelllery


For many years I have been better known as a textile artist working with wool and fibre, but in 2019 l changed direction and started working with polymer clay. This new material has opened up a whole new world of texture and creativity. My work represents a unique vision of a fantasy world of nature, capturing extravagant forms, colours and patterns derived from the natural world we live in. The sculptures are made with a wire armature built up with layers of polymer clay and embellished with unique colour blends and complex polymer clay cane work, no paint is applied to these artworks. Each piece of jewellery is unique and is work of art in its own right.

Please email me if you are interested in my polymer clay creations. 

polymer clay art
polymer clay sculpture
Polymer clay art
polymer clay art_edited.jpg
Summers Farewell. Suzie Sullivan - polymer clay - 495 euro.jpg
gone to seed collection.jpg
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